Dating german steins

dating german steins

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Celeste Sweeney, who hails from Maryland, took the stein from the Hofbräuhaus brewery in Munich in Sweeney said she was traveling through Europe with her sister after her freshman year in college and got "caught up in the fun and the gaiety" of the beer hall. The brewery told the story of the stein's transatlantic return in a Facebook post.

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Sweeney, 73, enclosed a note with the stein, apologizing for her past misdeeds. She and her husband have retired and are scaling down, but she couldn't just get rid of it or donate it to a thrift store.

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Sweeney felt so guilty about taking the beer stein she had to send it back. She's since learned that they switched to a different stein in the early s.

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Related content The folks single treff rheine the brewery "couldn't have been nicer," Sweeney said. She said they told her they were going to include the stein in an exhibit they're making.

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Hofbräuhaus said it has sent Sweeney a new stein, which "she can keep with a clear conscience," as well as three beer tokens she can use on her next trip to the brewery. However the brewery warned light-fingered drinkers they wouldn't receive the same treatment as Sweeney.

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Hofbräuhaus is a traditional brewery in Munich, dating german steins southern German city that hosts the Oktoberfest, an annual festival of traditional Dating german steins food, dancing, beer and clothing. Around 6 million people attended the festival and other cities around the world also hold their own Oktoberfest festivities.

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Sweeney said she'd never really told her family about the stein and her grandchildren were taken aback when she told them the story. She hoped they'd learn a lesson from her story. CNN's Nadine Schmidt contributed to this report.

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