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Atomic Scale and single Molecule Logic gate Technologies

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Yang, Y. Yao, S. Sudarkova, X. Liu, B. Büchner, S.

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Avdoshenko, N. Chen, A. DOI: Krylov, S. Schimmel, V. Dubrovin, F.

Single Molecule Real Time Sequencing - Pacific Biosciences

Liu, T. Nguyen, L.


Spree, C. Chen, G.

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Velkos, C. Bulbucan, R.

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Westerström, M. Studniarek, J. Dreiser, C.

Michael Schlierf, Prof.

Hess, B. Avdoshenko, A. Ma, Y.

Developmental Neurobiology We are interested in understanding how biophysical mechanisms constrain development in the forming vertebrate nervous system. We study morphogen signaling using single molecule methods and live imaging in the living zebrafish embryo, and our wish is to understand how fundamental laws of physics constrain the dynamics of morphogen action and the resulting dresden single molecule processes. Self-organization of biological structures Our lab is interested in studying the underlying principles of self-organization in biological structures. We currently use the metaphase spindle—the protein machinery responsible for segregating the chromosomes into the daughter cells during cell division—from Xenopus laevis egg extract and the zebrafish embryo as model systems to understand the architecture, force generation and scaling of spindles; and chromatin organization in the interphase nucleus.

Fu, E. Dmitrieva, F. Liu, H.

Research activities Magnetic nanostructures Magnetic multilayers are defined using molecular beam epitaxy MBE and structured using electron beam lithography EBL. These devices which can have smallest structures of about 10 nm are electrically characterized. They are of central importance for the development of memory elements with a large density of structures on a chip.

Komber, F. Hennersdorf, A. Popov, J.

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Weigand, J. Liu, X. Liu, L. Spree, D.


Krylov, G. Velkos, S.

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Single-electron lanthanide-lanthanide bonds inside fullerenes toward robust redox-active molecular magnets. Schlesier, F.

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Liu, V. Dubrovin, L.

  • Mukoviszidose ist eine angeborene Stoffwechselerkrankung, die eine zähe Schleimbildung in der Lunge und anderen Organen verursacht, was zu Atemprobleme und Verdauungsstörungen führt.
  • DIPP | Dresden International PhD Program / Research / Scientific Tracks / CellDevo Track

Spree, B. A Popov. Yang, G. Velkos, F. Liu, S. Sudarkova, Y.

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