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Skip Next Why do we need to live so closed and private and what happens when we open ourselves up? That is what we want: architecture that doesnt try to determine a way of living by reducing us on our need of privacyinstead we want to give the opportunity open singles golf munster live with people no matter where they stand in life, sharing properties, being productive together, sharing space and knowledge as well as making new experiences and influencing other people, thereby living a more archaic and happier life.

One might say that this is part of our basic needs that has been lost in architecture. Summary In this project we spend much time thinking about the society we live in.

Through the analysis of a historic building and a building from the present time we tried to find parallels in sociology and architecture.

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After that we tried to create a futuristic society and asked for the architecture they might live in. In the end the outcome is more like a formal proposal to aim mein freund flirtet in meiner gegenwart socialogical goals.

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A proposal for a shareable living structure in which the form equals the thought behind it. But we dont see the project as a fixed building. More like a framework which can expand or shrink. It is supposed to provide room that is very free in its use and supports a productive and social way of living. Also the form might not be ideal because it depends on the buildings we worked with in the a n a l y s i s. Leon Hidalgo, Felix Schuschan ba. As Mies overlapped some submission such Schinkel, Wright, or van Duesburg, each architect supposingly apply some historical layers.

In this semster as desgin basics, we return to modern, possibly to mis-read Eisenman unread potentials for next dimension.

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The hypothetical analysis will then be transformed into series of [ index models ]. The aim of the assignment is, to analyze the potentials of contemporary houses rather physically through reduced models, drawings, or diagrams while concerning the methodic operations, light, proportions, structural system or other architectural parameters as well as the thoughts and influences behind the projects.

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Those exploded [ index models ] has potentials to unfold dating ennigerloh to the new architectural dimension.

Mainly two considerations shall be include in the process of the project: a notation analysis of the site, and b transformed social, technical, ethic or aesthetic phenomena. Esakov The Melnikov house was build from by the russian architect Kontantin Melnikov in Moskow. It is a prime example of open singles golf munster avantgardistic architecture and unique in its circumstancial origin.

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The house was build in the time of communism in Russia. Ressources were low and experimental architecture close to unseen. How could a building so different from any structure arise under these circumstances? After these projects he had a good position politically. He used this to ask the government for a plot in Moskow to build a intelligent structure for mass living.

The living space in that time was very limited and new ideas were needed so politics agreed to give him a plot in the Krivoarbatsky Lane, Moscow.

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Even forty years after his death we still dont know if that was his intention or if he just used his status to build a house for him and his family. Although the second assumption seems more propable since his financial support was cut a lot of times, resulting in him financing the project on his own and thereby risking the abillitiy to support his family. This shows how important this project was to him.

The living open singles golf munster in the Melnikov House in Photo: D. Eskanov Analysis The form, consisting of two cylinders cutting into eachother surrounded by a structure based on hexagons, seems odd and unrelated to its environment but the opposite is the case.

The form resulted from Kontstantin Melnikov handling the many situational and political limitations in an innovative way.

The round forms for creating more space while having very good structural and stiffening property as well as supplying a dynamic form for the air to flow through the building after a principle Melnikow invented himself. The hexagonal structure as a reaction to the limitations of construction material that was usual for the construction process in communist Russia.

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The form is very economical with the amount of bricks but it still open singles golf munster a lot of structural strenght to carry the floors. The ground floor seems to be more of a functional living space. It has a lot of walls breaking the circular form and thereby creating very unique rooms in their shape and lighting situation.

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Going up the sleeping room divided only by two freestanding walls that depending on the angle seperate the room or open it. The living room gives a first atmosphere of how it feels to stand in a high circular room, with a gigantic openable window and balcony facing the street it has a very representative character.

Now going up to the atelier you enter a room flooded with even lighting given by the many hexagonal windows.

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The productive and creative character of this room is undeniable. Construction works on the Melnikov House in MH.

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Us, rather working from a social point of view were expected to focus on the form. Finding the form Intersecting tubes horizontally and vertivally Intersecting tubes Open singles golf munster of the most interesting situations of the Melnikov house is the spacial situation resulting from two circles intersecting. In the beginning we played a lot with the influencing factors like the amount of circles, the grade of intersection, the height differences between the circles.

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