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single thumb drive

Also known as flash drives, USB sticks and thumb drives, the USB flash drive may be one of your smallest computer peripherals but offers assistance in big ways.

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Find the true meaning of plug and play, singles rain am lech just plug and go, when you add USB drives to your day-to-day computer tasks. Storage The main purpose of a flash drive is to provide storage.

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The physical size of the drive is not related to its storage capacity. USB flash drives hold a variety of amounts of data, such as 2GB or more. USB drives are an external way to organize files, instead of taking up valuable storage space on your computer.

Delegate one drive for an archive of family vacation photos, for example, and another to keep written documents secure.

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An entire program, game or executable file will require more storage space than a single word processing document or graphic. File Transfer Hard and floppy disks have become relics of the single thumb drive, but one purpose they served well was file transfer.

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In the past, you loaded something, such as a document you wanted someone to review and approve, onto the disk and passed it on. With a flash drive, you can transfer files quickly and easily.

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Using flash drives to transfer files can also lighten your load when traveling, saving room in that briefcase or computer bag for other necessities. Space Saver USB drives are space savers when you use them to hold files previously stored on your computer, but they also can declutter some of your desk space as well.

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Customization and Flair The data you store on a USB drive may break down into its most basic form of zeros and ones, but the USB drive itself offers you a way to express yourself with a bit single thumb drive flair and creativity.

While generically cased USB drives exist, you can also choose from ones sporting designs of your favorite athletic team, cartoon character and celebrity.

All measurement data can be stored directly in a USB stick. What I'm going to do is plug in the USB key. Exchange photos, files between laptops and other devices without a USB key.

Limited-edition collectible USB drives exist, and custom-crafted ones are often handed out at trade shows and as giveaways for special events. Find a bling-encrusted or leopard-patterned USB drive that lets you tote your files in style.

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