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Likewise, mainstream psychotherapy reproduces these normative structures by depicting non-monogamous relationships as dysfunctional and pathological.

This Master's dissertation seeks to close a significant gap in the research in this regard and to contribute to providing an academic forum for people living in polyamorous relationships.

History[ edit ] Austria indirectly saw its first same-sex marriage in when the Constitutional Court granted a transsexual woman the right to change her legal gender to female while remaining married to her wife. The case was dismissed on 12 March Out of representatives, 26 voted for and voted against the proposal.

By encouraging people within and outside the academy to acquire new perspectives on non-monogamous relationship cultures that transcend conventional couple-based heteronormativity, this study aims to effect change in currently predominant perceptions of polyamory.

Methodology I collected data for the study by conducting Skype interviews and subsequently employed narrative data analysis as described by Schütze in order to reconstruct the premises underlying the data thus generated as they relate to phenomenology and to interaction and communication theory.

vienna gay dating

The analysis focused on the biographical experiences of a specific woman and man. The Master's dissertation which resulted from the research, supervised by Prof. Thomas Slunecko of the Faculty of Psychology, University of Vienna, focuses on the development of polyamorous relationships, with subsidiary foci on the transformative processes at play in the biographical accounts studied and the implicit phenomenological premises underlying them.

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I conducted vienna gay dating number of interviews with German vienna gay dating speakers living in long-term polyamorous relationships. I then proceeded to undertake close analysis of two interviews, one with a self-defined female and one with a self-defined male respondent, and compared them with excerpts from other interviews which either supported or provided a contrast to the implicit directions in evidence in the interviews of central focus.

I do not consider the conclusions I reached in this study to be final, but rather to serve as inspiration for continuing research in this very new area, for which I hope my study may act as an important step on the way. Research Interests:.

vienna gay dating

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